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Alf Dobbert-Baums

Good day,

my name is Alf Dobbert-Baums and I am a Systemic Consultant&Business Coach.

I have successfully finished my professional training to become a systemic consulting of organisations (Systemischer Organisationsberater) 2015 at Artop (Institut an der Humboldt Universität Berlin).

I have worked (and still working) as a Usability Consultant and Requirements Engineer for quite a long time.

There are many maps to one landscape.

Throughout my career (20+ years) I have noticed, that an effective and enduring solution emerges, when all the different organisational entities can give their unique perspectives to a project or problem; these perspective include business unit, marketing, usability, design, engineering, …

A thoughtful moderation is a critical element in this gathering of the different perspectives. Another one is the transparent documentation of these perspectives to ensure a common understanding.

There are a lot of roads to success

My repertoire consist of building wireframes, prototypes, UML Diagram but also a lot of moderation techniques and coaching tools.


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